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We be… ‘PAINTIN’ UP A STORM’ … ‘PAINT PARTIES’ in the Heart of Illinois

SIGN UP FOR A PARTY NOW!!!!! We be… PAINTIN’ UP A STORMwith Stormy Monday as your creative host IN THE HEART OF ILLINOIS.   

PICK A PARTY…We have CHILDREN’S PAINT PARTIES, FAMILY PAINT PARTIES. PERFECT FOR FRIEND GET TOGETHERS!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS… CLAIM YOUR SEATS! (All major credit cards accepted now)  or, cash, credit cards and cashiers check accepted the day of the party.  (If you pay by credit card prior to party, make sure you bring proof of transaction in your phone.) 

ARRIVE THIRTY MINUTES EARLY. Remember, seats are limited. Purchase your seat soon.    THANK YOU. 


Pick the time and place listed and register. Tell your friends to register, too. Only 30 seats available. $35. for 2 hours. Canvas and all supplies are included. You get to keep your finished painting. Have a few drinks, listen to some great music and spend time with  great friends paintin’ up a Storm!!

Perfect for Bachelorette parties, receptions, fund-raisers, birthday parties and family reunions.  I’m booking Paint parties in Heart Of Illinois bars and restaurants, also. You can just book the party complete with 12 seats for one price of $350. plus $35. for each additional seat. Perfect for family get togethers, etc.

The following are the Parties scheduled and the painting we’ll enjoy creating at that particular paint party!!!!

Have fun with friends and family, create a beautiful painting that you get to keep… and let Stormy Monday show you, step by step, some amazing paint techniques. SIGN-UP OR CALL TODAY! 

For more information call 309-643-3452, see Stormy Lee Monday on Facebook, or, email Stormy at

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 The Art and Soul of Stormy Monday….

Feel free to browse Stormy Monday Art on Facebook, enjoy his books, read his monthly stories in BikerSpot magazine and, don’t forget to stroll through his World of Poetry on Facebook for a nudge from the spirit land.