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I painted “Flamingos” after a visit to Florida. Whie sitting on Clearwater beach, I noticed how they moved about without, seemingly, a care in the world. To me, they were so beautiful. From that came this painting. I hope it inspires you as well! Slm





“Along time Ago” came from memories of my youth. I think most of us have played on the swing hanging from a tree somewhere. Maybe those memories will pour forth from you. I hope so. Slm 

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I always knew I would paint and write. For as long as i can remember. As a child, I would create abstracts in my mind and get so excited that I knew, in my soul, I could do that. I’d also write short stories about the silliest things. I remember in the sixth grade, I wrote a story about the hotdogs, ketchup and mustard in the fridge. They’d all come to life after everyone went to bed. They’d dance, sing and joke with one another. They were all so happy. Then, right before sunrise, they’d all go back to their places and go back to sleep…. waiting for the following night when they could do it all again. It would give me such joy to make them make some kind of sense to my childish mind.  Quite often I would write poetry and I’d think, “hey, that’s really good”. It was all very satisfying to me. Now that I’m much older, I’ve discovered we’re all still that child inside. Like me, for example… I still write and paint and now, being honest,  I love it even more. It’s where I find my peace. Anyway, I hope my words and paint give you peace as well. Stormy Lee Monday                 

Another happy reader!!!Love this book!!!!

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