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Addiction - One Man's Road To Recovery

Addiction – One Man’s Road To Recovery

Overview Enter with me a world unlike any other. Completely real and shocking. This is the world of active addiction and it’s cold, ruthless, brutal and unforgiving. The chaos, self-destruction, pain and misery it inflicts on families are devastating. Addiction’s not a game. Oh, it may start out as innocent, fun, good times with friends, […]

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“HEY WHITEBOY”… Is that really ok?

“HEY WHITEBOY”… Is that really ok? That’s the biggest crock of bullshit in todays world. “Hey whiteboy!!” Is that really ok? No, it’s not. In my entire life, I correct anyone who attempts to call me whiteboy. I don’t call anyone disrespectful names, so, why would I think It’s ok to come at me like […]

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Here’s the thing..keep it in perspective…

Here’s the thing..keep it in perspective… There’s good and bad in every race. Don’t let radicals from any race convince you that most blacks hate whites or that most whites hate blacks. It’s simply not true. We grew up playing together and fighting together. Most are hard working, family-oriented people. Just because I have words […]

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