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Stormy Monday Art Gallery 1

        Stormy Monday Art Gallery  ….   In this gallery are a few of the pieces created by Stormy Monday. To date, April, 2018, Monday has painted over 750 paintings, written 5 books, “An Image Pressed in Time”,  “Under a Blue Morning Sky” both self-published, “Soul Seeds” & “The Secret Path” both published & sold at bookstores and on-line stores everywhere & “Fruits From the Poisonous Tree”, a true-life journey through absolute chaos & hell with an addict in active addiction. Monday is currently in the market for a ‘Literary agent’ to market this soon to be Best-Seller. Monday has also written  countless song lyrics, literally hundreds of award-winning poems & since 2013,  continues to write a monthly story for BikerSpot magazine, titled, eYe of the Storm.                                                                                  LIVE LIKE YOUR HAIR’S ON FIRE, but, PAUSE, look around & breathe . SLEEP when you die.  SLM

  Lady of Mystery by Stormy MondayCity Life by Stormy Monday