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Addiction – One Man’s Road To Recovery

Addiction - One Man's Road To Recovery


Enter with me a world unlike any other. Completely real and shocking. This is the world of active addiction and it’s cold, ruthless, brutal and unforgiving. The chaos, self-destruction, pain and misery it inflicts on families are devastating. Addiction’s not a game. Oh, it may start out as innocent, fun, good times with friends, but, for way too many, this nightmare slips in unannounced and flips lives upside down. It destroys families and turns your entire world into absolute hell on earth. People die every day because of addiction. Many deny there’s even a problem, right up to the moment of their death. Travel through these pages with me, inside my mind. Feel the chaos as it unfolds. This is a tragic story, no doubt, but, let’s be clear, this is also a story of hope. This book offers a clear- cut road to recovery. Read what’s worked for addicts around the world for many years. If you’re willing to put in the work, this will help keep you clean as well. Remember this on your journey… self-reflection is the father of all knowing, but, it alone, will not keep you clean. ADDICTION- One Man’s Road to Recovery, is filled with vital information, you need to know. Stormy Lee Monday
I remember how dismal life felt inside my soul when I was using and strung out. I’ll never forget that. At that time in our lives it’s almost impossible to care enough about anything to even want to change for the better. Life can be hard. Just, please, hold on to the fragments of life you have left and don’t let go. Honestly, make yourself reach out for help. Make yourself push through all the darkness and misery. If you don’t give up and you really reach deep inside your heart, you can work your way out of how bad your life is going right now. It can get better. But, NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT IT GETS… DON’T LOSE HOPE! It’s true… WE DO RECOVER. Believe me, if I can crawl out of the dark hell I was existing in, for over forty-years, you can crawl out, too. I’m talking to you. The universe wants you to live clean. It’s waiting for you to want a better life, too. Reach inside yourself and find the strength to find help. WE REALLY DO RECOVER, but, it doesn’t happen with osmosis. Be honest with yourself & willing enough to go to any means necessary to get clean and stay clean. It’s inside you. Travel through these pages with me, inside my mind. Feel the chaos as it unfolds. This is a tragic story, no doubt, but, let’s be clear about one thing. This is a story of hope. “ADDICTION- One man’s Road to Recovery”, shares information that’s led many using addicts to a better and more meaningful life free of the chains of addiction. Discover what’s worked for addicts around the world for many years. Find your most-true purpose and give your life and all those you love, someone to be proud of. Do it for you! Read, ADDICTION- One Man’s Road to Recovery. Allow this ol’ country boy to help you find a way that’ll give you a life you never had. From the author, Stormy Lee Monday
About The Author
About me… Father, kind spirit, creative soul and humble servant of the down-trodden… I’m a thousand years old. Heard that one, right? We can’t stop time. It goes on and on… Yes, in this lifetime, I’ve been very broken. So, for me, a thousand years doesn’t seem that old. There are moments I’ll sit back and think of how blessed I am, to still walk among us. I go deep into that thousand yard stare, in my book, ADDICTION. I’m always writing. I have no choice. I’m a messenger among us, I’ve discovered. The complexity of that is clear in the many gifts my Great Spirit has bestowed me. Then, to paint. Passion fills me with a hunger to create, write, paint and so many other possibilities. As an artist, my spirit welcomes the mist of all colors. I sleep inside endless time and effortlessly imagine paintings I’ve yet to create. Doors open before me and lead me quietly inward. I’m effervescent to the touch of possibilities. As I stand before blank canvas, the energy of a piece envelops, surrounds and takes me over. It’s hypnotic. I literally become the canvas on a sub-conscious level. As I walk inside, I’m no longer a part of the physical world around me. As I lose time, space and the current grasp of my known reality…the one real and absolute truth of my actual self becomes who I know more clearly than anyone. There is no better sense of self than when my physical being is lost unto itself. My spiritual energy becomes free to express the purpose of my keen stroll through endless color. It’s in this moment that my true journey begins. Everything somehow, strategically and beautifully finds its place. Exact and precise colors provocatively making sense with their placement, around the movement of lines and textures. All of this happens within the natural flow of the piece, unfolding in colorful detail. The canvas eventually finds a voice that speaks as a whole within the finished canvas, communicating the message found within the painting. Each layer profoundly defined with each piece different, for each eye. I would expect no less. I have a PHD. in artistic possibilities. My master’s degree, I learned in fascinating universal intrigue. I’ve studied under Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollack, Kahlil Gibran and every other master artist or creative wonder my third eye has opened to. My education is un-ending and forever. I remain teachable and continue my studies, even now. I watch you, watch me, watch you. We learn together. The one thing I’ve learned in life as I get older, which I’m really grateful for… I’m starting to realize no matter our individual abundance of knowledge, no matter the many colorful miles behind us, or, monumental dreams laid out before us, in truth, we really know very little. There’s so much attainable intelligence to seek and absorb. I believe, it’s far beyond, the far-reaching comprehension of a human. But, we still give it the essence of our best. There’s so much wisdom just waiting to be shared. I’ve found self-reflection to be the father of all knowing. Stormy Lee Monday
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