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Here’s the thing..keep it in perspective…

Here’s the thing..keep it in perspective… There’s good and bad in every race. Don’t let radicals from any race convince you that most blacks hate whites or that most whites hate blacks. It’s simply not true. We grew up playing together and fighting together. Most are hard working, family-oriented people. Just because I have words with a black dude don’t make me racist. Or vice versa. We’re just 2 dudes having a disagreement. Don’t let haters get it twisted. They want us hating each other. Promotes their radical agenda to destroy America. Our fight is not with each other. Our fight is against the radicals of all races that are rioting, looting and hurting innocent people. Keep it in perspective. I love people of all races. At the same time, if you’re radical and are trying to destroy our America, YOU ARE OUR ENEMY. ~<>~

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