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“HEY WHITEBOY”… Is that really ok?

“HEY WHITEBOY”… Is that really ok?
That’s the biggest crock of bullshit in todays world. “Hey whiteboy!!” Is that really ok? No, it’s not. In my entire life, I correct anyone who attempts to call me whiteboy. I don’t call anyone disrespectful names, so, why would I think It’s ok to come at me like that? It’s racist to me and, quite honestly, to 95% of all white dudes. Oh, they’ll say they don’t give a shit, but, deep down, they don’t like it. White dudes for the most part are taught to be polite, to be respectful, so, they don’t say anything. They don’t want to argue about it, so, they let shit like that go by…. unless that white dude was born and raised poor, unless that white dude was raised in the ghetto, or, he’s done time in a maximum security joint… then, it’s a big deal. It’s personal. It’s disrespectful. The slur is no different than calling a black man a black boy or worse. My father taught me to respect others and treat them the way I want to be treated. That’s my approach to any and all men. Respectful. The moment I hear…”this whiteboy here”.. That sets the tone for the conversation..That says to me this black person does not want to treat me as an equal. I don’t walk around carrying guilt from the actions of anyone 250 years ago. If I did, I could easily carry a victim card. All races have been slaves throughout time. That’s reality. Egyptians had slaves of all races. Muslims still do under sharia law. Women and children are like cattle, men are slaves, no matter their race. Blacks are not the only race thats been persecuted throughout time. Native Americans, Jews, and on and on. I respect adults and I expect to be respected. I was taught as a child to live in the NOW. I don’t know anyone from 250 or 300 years ago. I will not be held responsible for the actions of people who are dust in the wind now and I refuse to let the persecution of people 3 centuries ago guide my present or future. . You can consider this pursuent to an emotional response if you so choose. That’s not my objective. It’s a simple thing. No one controls how I feel about things or what I think about things. So, your response is of your own choosing. I will continue on with my day as a man. Not as a white man and damn sure not as some whiteboy. I will continue on as a man who wants people to come together and stop this ridiculous black and white racial divide. We are not the enemy of one another and we are the only ones that can promote or prevent our future actions, incredible futures or failing demise. Stop worrying about how people 200 years ago did things. Focus on what we as a people are doing today to better or to destroy our society.
I have to go to work like I’ve done all my life, so, I’m out. Get busy living or stay busy dying. Our future is of our own making. It’s a life choice. Everyone and I do mean everyone have a great day. Slm ~<>~
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