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Stormy Monday Music – Soul Seeds – Inner Voice of the Soul

Stormy Monday Music

Stormy Monday - Soul Seeds
Soul Seeds – Inner Voice of the Soul 

Soul Seeds-  A profoundly unique Poetic Journey  with Stormy Monday. The music, the words…There’s nothing like this anywhere! A true Collectors Item!

Written, Produced, Vocals, and Cover Art by Stormy Monday

A special Thank You to my brother, Aaron Craig for his wonderful drum / percussion work. Also, to Sleepy Dave for his hypnotic guitar work. And to Wyn and Straight Eight, your added special effects were on cue. Thank you, my brothers.
     To all the deep souls who purchase this, I must tell you… there is no musical category for my work, only a place in time, as you listen, that may  take you to a better place.  — Stormy Monday 

CDs are only $20.00 plus $6.00 S&H (listen to samples)

Sample Sound
Starving Spirits
Bitter Poet
Inside the Looking Glass
Unwrap the Web
Voices in the Hall
Framed in White
Medicine Wheel
Pages of Life
Vision of Time
My World of Thought