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Stormy Monday … Renaissance Man … Artist’s Bio

Stormy Monday is the painter of dreams.  He “walks into the canvas completely open to any and all possibilities.”  Sometimes this deep and profound journey lasts only hours, sometimes it may last for days  and then, there are times when everything in the world ceases to be. All the movement, energy and matter disappear.  He loses all track of time. His  emotions fall to the side and his soul slips through and leaves  a spiritual vision of how he sees the world.

A gifted artist, poet, and author, Monday has traveled to cities all over the north, south and western United States to show and sell his paintings,  his books, “The Secret Path” and “Soul Seeds”, his CD, “Stormy Monday & The Crazy Tribe” and his beautiful poetry. Since 2013, Monday writes a monthly column in BikerSpot magazine called, “eYe of the Storm”.  His paintings have been displayed in countless fine art galleries, including the Scottsdale, Arizona, gallery of renowned marine muralist Wyland. His flowing poems have earned him National recognition. He is  a recipient of the Distinguished Poet Award, the Dickinson Award of Amherst, the National Golden Poet Award and many others throughout the years.

Monday paints in several diverse styles. Put his typical show of 70 to 100 paintings together in one gallery  and no one believes that one artist created them all. His impressionistic visionscapes painted in oils are vast, warm, and adorned with forms and faces of spirits both seen and unseen. His watercolor and acrylic abstracts explode with color and intrigue and can be impressionist, cubist, or surreal. Made from oils, acrylics, chalk, duct tape, or whatever else he feels might work.  Monday’s multimedia, three- dimensional abstracts are  mysteriously powerful  and turbulent.

Monday paints to the music of Enigma. He believes what’s truly important flows from within. His diverse creativity link with his ability to connect so deeply to his soul. He is a messenger on many levels. Nothing is planned.  “With some of my work, I  sketch or outline before I paint. I turn the energy inside me into paint and canvas. When I’m serene and at peace, I’m in harmony with the universe, it’ll most assuredly be a visionscape. When I feel deep and intense, it’s an abstract.  If I throw the canvas on the floor, it’s definitely a three- dimensional abstract. As far as I’m concerned, there are no rules.”

Stormy Mondays fan-base continues to grow around the world. He  is a driven, passionate and motivated man whose art is timeless, deep, profound and priceless.

 The Art and Soul of Stormy Monday….

The passion that drives Stormy Monday’s life is about writing, painting and helping others.  His roots are in Tennessee, and he grew up in Peoria, Illinois. He has spent a life time as an artist and author, traveling, doing art shows and book signings. Monday has left murals scattered around the Country for many years. He has the heart of a warrior and the scarred  soul of a tortured poet. Check him out on Facebook at Stormy Lee Monday.